Monday, 24 November 2014

Role of TAFE Open Campus

Education is an important key in every field. In today's time many government agencies such as Technical and Further Education Commission in Australia provides professional education programs. These programs are small courses also known as TAFE courses that equip right skills in the right field. Some of these courses last for only a few hours and some for a number of months. Anyone can enhance their knowledge in the field of their interest.

Many of the reliable institutes provide online distance learning courses, especially for those who don’t have time but want to study and are far from the place. North Coast TAFE is one of them that has established the TAFE Open Campus for students interested in online study, e Learning and flexible/distance options where their needs may be served from one or several different campuses across North Coast.

Students enrolled in the open campus can access advice, support and other information resources through the Library and Information Services  website at can choose from a variety of flexible course options from many of their campuses that suits with their needs and schedule. The institute provides course materials that may be mailed out in print format and/or sent to students on DVD or email. Browse the institute website to know more in details.

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