Saturday, 2 February 2013

Tafe Career Courses - A Step into Future

North Coast TAFE consists of 17 campuses located across some of the most scenic and exciting parts of the country. The North Coast of NSW is an area of natural beauty that includes pristine beaches, sub-tropical rainforests and lush mountainsides, making it an ideal location to develop your healthy study-life balance! The campuses are located from The Great Lakes region in the south to the Tweed Heads region on the Queensland border. North Coast TAFE's major program areas have over 700 TAFE courses to choose from. Following are some of the program areas:

Maritime: Are you a hands-on individual who wants to work outdoors? Well then maritime may be the suitable career path for you. North Coast TAFE specialises in meeting the training needs of the industry and community. North Coast TAFE has different levels of qualifications so it doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or a novice.

Primary Industries and Natural Resources: Are you passionate about the land and sustainability? Do you have an interest in wildlife or marine environments? If your answer is yes then working in the primary and natural resources industries may be your dream profession. North Coast TAFE offer courses in Agriculture, Animal Studies, Horticulture, Forestry, Organic Farming, Equine studies, Food processing, Meat retailing & Laboratory sciences. Their business Consultants and experienced teachers offer expert advice to help you become more competitive and enhance your skills. They help improve efficiency and productivity providing workforce capability and by developing specific skills.

Language, Culture and Communication: Want to improve your English? Fascinated about learning Aboriginal language and culture? North Coast TAFE has courses in spoken, written and signed English and AUSLAN, Aboriginal languages, Aboriginal culture & Identity.

Tourism, Hospitality and Events: Do you work well with foreign culture and food? Are you passionate about travel? Or do you enjoy working under pressure? If you answered yes, then a career in tourism, hospitality or events may be ideal for you. North Coast TAFE offer courses in Travel and tourism, Hospitality management, Food and beverage, Commercial cookery, Kitchen operations, Events management and aviation.

Career courses: They provide many ideas and packages for an individual to decide regarding his career or to embark upon his future plans. These training programmers may vary from person to person, according to the individual’s needs, abilities and characteristics. North Coast Tafe is one such institute which gives an insight into many courses and provides different ideas. There are more than six hundred nationally recognized courses and there is plenty to choose from when deciding what career path is appropriate for you. It also offers higher education qualifications.

Retail & Logistics: Do you have strong communication skills? You have a passion for people and commerce? If you answered yes then a career in retail may be the place for you. North Coast TAFE offer courses in Retail, Visual merchandising, Community pharmacy, Warehousing and logistics and Forklift and cranes. 

Electro Technology: Are you a hands-on person who enjoys identifying and solving technical problems? Or maybe you enjoy working independently or as part of a team? North Coast TAFE’ Electro technology programs may be for you. North Coast TAFE has courses in Electrical and electronics, Security systems, Antennae equipment, Electrical machine repair, Equipment servicing and Data and voice communications. 

North Coast TAFE also offers courses in Business, Creative Industries, Community Services and Health, Hair & Beauty, Construction & Transport, Manufacturing & Engineering, Information Technology and many more. To join any of the above mentioned courses, please visit the site

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